CONTACTS: how can I contact you?

You can contact us via email, Facebook or telephone.

If the operators are busy we suggest you send an email to or write to us via Facebook

CONTACTS: why can't I speak to an operator by phone?

It may be that the operators are busy and therefore cannot accommodate all calls. You can send an email to and an operator will reply to you.

The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10am :00 to 12.30 from 15.30 to 18.00.

PAYMENTS: what payment methods are available?

Payment for the goods can be made:

• Bank Transfer

• Paypal

• Credit Cards via Stripe circuit

Bank transfer: Once the order is completed, Regno del Legno will send the order confirmation to your email inbox. In it you will find the IBAN data to make the bank transfer.

Credit Card via Stripe

Cards are accepted:

< p>• MasterCard

• Maestro

• Visa

• Visa Electron

• American Express

• Aura

• Discover

Paypal: it's easy, fast and safe: Having a Paypal account is not mandatory. With this form of payment, the Paypal servers will simply act as an intermediary between your credit/debit card and our account. The payment procedure is simple and usual for paying by credit card, with the advantage of the security guaranteed by Paypal.

The following cards are accepted:

• MasterCard

• Maestro

• Visa

• Visa Electron

• American Express

• Aura

• Discover

• Prepaid cards, such as Postepay or Kalibra

PAYMENTS: how can I request an invoice?

The invoice will be sent to you by default if the data is complete at the time of entering the data. Otherwise we will process the order by means of a receipt.

PAYMENTS: what should I do when my order is delivered?

When collecting the goods, after having ascertained the exact correspondence of the number of packages shipped compliant with the accompanying document (DDT), carefully check the integrity of the packaging and whether it presents any slight anomalies. If it presents any anomalies accept it with reserve by adding the words "RECEIVED WITH RESERVE - damaged packaging" on the delivery note. If the packaging shows serious damage, with the probability that the contents may also have suffered damage, you are invited to reject the goods by adding the words "REFUSED GOODS - seriously damaged packaging" on the invoice. In the absence of any complaint to the carrier, expressed in the ways indicated above, the goods are considered correctly delivered. Even in the presence of intact packaging, the goods must be checked within seven days of receipt to ensure the absence of hidden anomalies which must be reported to us in writing by fax followed by a registered postal letter with return receipt. Any report beyond the aforementioned deadlines cannot be taken into consideration. For each declaration, the customer assumes full responsibility for what is declared. To proceed with a damage reimbursement procedure, it is necessary for the recipient to sign the consignment note at the time of delivery with a specific reservation. We will NOT ACCEPT ANY RESERVATIONS IF NOT SPECIFIED AT THE TIME OF SIGNATURE on the courier document. ATTENTION: if you accept without reservation, sign a document that says that the package has arrived in perfect condition.

PAYMENTS: How can I contact you for product assistance?

If you have any doubts or need assistance regarding the products purchased, contact our Customer Service by writing to If you would like telephone contact, specify this in the email by entering your contact details: we will call you back as soon as possible.

ORDERS: How can I place an order?

Ordering on Regnodellegno is a matter of just a few clicks. After selecting all the products you want and placing them in the Cart, access the Cart via the icon at the top right, review the items you have added and click on the "Checkout" button.

You can develop the quote including fully autonomous transport by placing the products in the cart with the relative desired quantity. Then enter your destination data and the system will give you the correct shipping costs. By then entering the cart you will be able to see the shipping costs.

ORDERS: How can I change my order?

Once you complete your order, you will no longer be able to modify it: for this reason we recommend that you carefully review the items you are purchasing before proceeding with payment. If you wish to cancel your order or part of it, write to Remember that cancellation cannot be carried out if the order is being prepared or has already been shipped: in this case you will have to activate the return procedure.

ORDERS: is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum amount to place the order.

ORDERS: where can I check the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, access your Account page at the top right of the homepage and select the "My orders" item. Here you can view the list of all your orders and monitor the processing phase of those in progress. We will notify you of the delivery of the order 24/48 hours before it is placed, with a communication to the email address indicated at the time of purchase.

ORDERS: what does the pre-sale formula mean?

The pre-order is the form of purchase that allows you to purchase the goods in advance of the presumed availability. The goods will then be shipped within the times described in the product sheet. If the order consists of multiple items, part or all of which are pre-ordered, the order will be processed when all the goods are available. The indicated dates of availability are presumed. Sometimes there may be delays which will be promptly communicated.

ORDERS: can I have an invoice for the goods purchased?

Of course yes. If the data is complete and correctly entered at the time of registration, we will send it without any problem.

Otherwise, a regular receipt will be issued and we will therefore not be able to issue the invoice.

ORDERS: can I change an order?

The order cannot be modified under any circumstances except for lack of goods and reported by the management.

QUOTE: how can I get you a quote?

You can develop a quote including transport independently by placing the products in the cart with the relative desired quantity. Then enter the destination data and the system will give you the correct shipping costs. Then by entering the cart you will be able to see the shipping costs and the total cost.

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