The sale of items are subject to stock availability. The sale can therefore only occur if the product is in stock and therefore available. An exception is made for Pre-Order sales. The products in question are recognizable by the "Pre-order" button (instead of the "add to cart" button) and are sold despite there being no availability but with expected arrival. The estimated date in question is indicated in each individual product sheet. The product purchased in Pre-Order will be sent when all the products in the order are available.

Preparation and delivery times estimated (unless otherwise indicated and /or notices) for items available in stock are:
  • 3/6 working days if entrusted to the Express Courier (available only for non-bulky and/or heavy shipments)
  • 6/10 working days if entrusted to the Standard Courier

However, delays due to unforeseen facts or events must be considered. Deliveries to disadvantaged areas are excluded from the above-mentioned times.

The following are also to be considered:
  • All orders received by 10.00 am will be processed the same day. After this time orders will be handled the following day.
  • Purchases made in Pre-Order: the pre-order is the form of purchase that allows you to purchase the goods in advance compared to the estimated availability of arrival at our warehouses. Please note, availability is estimated and you can understand that for reasons beyond our control there may be unexpected delays. The goods will then be shipped within the times described in the product sheet. If the order consists of multiple items, part or all of which are pre-ordered, the order will be processed when all the goods are available. The indicated dates of availability are presumed. Sometimes there may be delays which will be promptly communicated online.
  • In case of particular market moments, due to the seasonality of the product, close to holidays and periods subject to restrictions due to COVID, waiting times may extend by a further 5/10 days
  • Any deliveries to islands or remote locations may cause delays;

Once we have entrusted the goods to the courier, we will send an email confirming shipment. The courier will then provide transportation to the destination. Please take into account the complexity of transporting timber and/or semi-finished products. We therefore ask you to tolerate delays and any unforeseen transport problems.

2. Pick up in warehouse

Collection at our warehouses is only authorized, for obvious reasons, for customers coming from the provinces adjacent to our warehouse (Treviso). The minimum amount to access this service is €500. The balance of the order must be received (via bank transfer, Paypal or credit card) before agreeing on the collection day.

Transport is calculated automatically and shipping is free for more than €99.

If you don't reach €99, and you would like to know the shipping cost, add the products with the desired quantity to your cart. By entering the cart you will be offered the cheapest shipping cost by default.

The price shown does not include transport (unless the cost exceeds €99). Shipping, for total amounts above €99, is automatically calculated by the system when the desired products with the relevant quantity are added to the cart.

The costs for disadvantaged areas are already calculated by the system (e.g. Livigno, Campioni d'Italia, Venice and smaller islands). The transport costs for disadvantaged areas are charged even in the presence of particular conditions as in the case of free shipping promotion periods.
All our deliveries are made by courier and are intended up to the nearest reachable point, on street level at the indicated delivery location, and in any case always on the ground floor.
To simplify operations as much as possible payment where you can make the payment.

Only available on eligible purchases from €30 to €2000. You must reside in Italy and have a PayPal account. Pay in 3 installments eligibility is subject to approval. Consult the information sheet and the terms and conditions for more information. Financing with down payment required. Available only for adult customers.

8. What to do upon receipt of the goods

When collecting the goods, after having ascertained the exact correspondence of the number of packages shipped compliant with the accompanying document (DDT), check carefully check the integrity of the packaging and if it presents any slight anomalies. If it presents any anomalies, accept it with reservation by adding the words "RECEIVED WITH RESERVE - damaged packaging" on the delivery note.
In the absence of any complaint to the carrier, expressed in the ways indicated above, the goods are considered correctly delivered.
Therefore, the wording "RECEIVED WITH RESERVE" is not sufficient to protect you and us but the reason for the reservation must be specified. If no reservation is made, the reservation is null and void.
Even in the presence of intact packaging, the goods must be checked within seven days of receipt to ensure the absence of hidden anomalies which must be reported to us strictly in writing by fax followed by a registered postal letter with return receipt. Any report beyond the aforementioned deadlines cannot be taken into consideration. For each declaration, the customer assumes full responsibility for what is declared. To proceed with a damage reimbursement procedure, it is necessary for the recipient to sign the consignment note at the time of delivery with a specific reservation. We will NOT ACCEPT ANY RESERVATIONS IF NOT SPECIFIED AT THE TIME OF SIGNATURE on the courier document. ATTENTION: if you accept without reservation, sign a document confirming that the package has arrived in perfect condition.

Pursuant to the provisions of Legislative Decree 206/05, see articles 128 et seq. the guarantee provided on the conformity of the purchased good is 2 years starting from the date of purchase. The warranty expires immediately when:

  • the customer installs or uses the products in a different way from what is clearly indicated in the instructions, whether ours or the initial manufacturer's, whether they relate to the installation of the goods or maintenance in the following months;
  • the product is used in ways and in places different from what is indicated in the instructions and on this website or, in the absence of these, on similar or analogous products available on the market or in any case with clearly inappropriate uses compared to the common use of these products.

Any invoice for the goods purchased can only be issued if the appropriate spaces are filled in when processing the order. Therefore inserting the relevant data into the fields as:

  • Tax code (for companies and private individuals)
  • VAT number (for companies)
  • Relevant SDI code and/or PEC address. We remind you, in the case of a private individual who wishes to receive the invoice, that we do not require a PEC but they must enter the code 00000 (5 zeros) in the appropriate SDI box.

If this procedure is not respected we will not be able to issue the invoice and we are not responsible for any tax problems.

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Any right of the customer to compensation for damages or compensation is excluded, as well as any liability against contractual or non-contractual for direct or indirect damage to people and/or things caused by goods purchased from Regno del Legno.

13. Applicable law

Each sales contract is concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law.

The Seller has the right not to accept order modifications or cancellations in relation to the progress of the order. To be effective, modifications and cancellation must be expressly accepted by the Seller. Once the order has been registered, we will not be able to make substantial and/or quantity changes.

15. Competence

For any dispute, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the Court of Treviso will be competent.

The company reserves the right to make changes without notice. We advise customers who place multiple orders of the same product to notify management if they need to combine products from two different shipments, so as to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.
Update 10.09.2019
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