Kingdom of Wood: Quality, Experience and Comfort: this is what makes us special.

Who is Kingdom of Wood?

Regno del Legno is the Italian online point of reference in the wood sector. Our mission is simple and clear: to give everyone, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, the opportunity to realize their projects by purchasing quality products at the best possible price. Buying wood online can be a convenient way to save time and money. If you're looking to purchase wood, you can choose from a wide range of materials and finishes. You can find raw wood in different thicknesses and lengths. Twenty years of experience.

We capitalize on the experience accumulated in over twenty years of activity in the sector and make all our knowledge and skills available to the consumer. This, together with the solid and innovative corporate structure on which we can count, allows us to boast very high customer satisfaction.

We guarantee the highest quality and a wide assortment, at an affordable price.

We provide a vast choice of DIY and DIY products and offer multiple solutions for garden furniture, with the aim of satisfying all your needs. Thanks to the use of the short supply chain, we are able to bypass the high management costs normally borne by distributors and therefore offer the best price on the market.

We convey a passion.

Regno Del Legno is not limited to sales. It wants to convey a real passion, which has always distinguished us. What we aim for is to educate the customer to understand and appreciate wood in depth, in all its aspects. This is why we firmly believe in the transmission of the Do-it-yourself culture, understood as a means of self-realization and improvement, and we seek the most suitable solutions to help the consumer make the environment in which he lives more beautiful.

Test us: it's not so much what we do but how we do it.

We are convinced that it is essential to accompany users throughout the entire purchasing process and for this reason we provide multiple channels through which the customer can easily receive answers and suggestions. Furthermore, thanks to the large 2000 m2 warehouse at our disposal and our effective logistics, we are able to guarantee an order fulfillment rate of 92% within a maximum of 72 hours. All this to offer a shopping experience that lives up to your expectations.

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